The Aviciency

Our company values are simple. To produce digital products such as Web sites, media & Software that are intuitive, intelligent, exceed the customers expectations, cost-effective and are eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Services from Aviciency

Aviciency started life as a group of developers that had an idea about doing things differently. Our name comes from the fact that we have a strong aviation background, AVIation effiCIENCY. An industry that requires high specification products with no margin for error.

When we say we wanted to do things differently we meant it, from our ethos of bringing the green factor into IT, and keeping the things we did eco-friendly, to our pricing structure.

We were amazed at the figures some people told us they were quoted from development companies and whilst we understand software development isn't a cheap thing, its not worth getting ripped off over.

So we decided to offer open and fair pricing to all so if your budget is £100K but we think it will cost £60K, we will quote and stick to £60K not artifically inflate prices to use up your budget, your money can be better spent elsewhere in your business.

Does green really matter with I.T.?

Absolutely! We think its critical that in todays world we try to minimise the carbon footprint of everything we do and that includes how we work, how we communicate and how we offset the things we cant avoid.

Here are some of the things that make us eco-friendly

  • Renewable Energy - We choose our data centres based on their use of renewable energy and things such as natural cooling techniques.
  • Efficient Coding - Be creating effecient code we reduce processor load therefore reducing the power used by our servers
  • Minimising travel - Where possible we call or video conference with clients to reduce CO2 emissions used travelling to other offices
  • £100 Trees Project - For every £100 the company makes in profit, a tree is planted in the UK helping forests recover and CO2 absorbtion rates
  • Energy efficient lighting - We use the latest LED & Energy Effecient lighting and where possible, natural sunlight for our working environment
  • Dark Screen Environments - We encourage developers to use dark screen IDE's to reduce monitor power used
  • Switch off - All ancillary equipment such as printers are switched off when not in use
  • Paper Free - We run a paper free company using emails to communicate throughout